What I offer:

Working one-to-one and in partnership with an experienced coach, who provides tailored career advice and an objective, personal approach. In addition:-

  • Personalised, value-for-money programmes providing you with structure, objectivity and focus.
  • An initial complimentary consultation to assess your needs and how best to reach your goals, decoding your career history and understanding your personality, needs and aspirations.
  • An opportunity, perhaps for the first time, to assess your skill set, career and personal ambitions.
  • Genuine commitment to each and every client, you’re not just a number.
  • Greater job and personal satisfaction, better work-life balance and a chance to take charge of your career ambitions.
  • Total support throughout the process and into your new role and beyond.

Together with your input, WE will:

  • Explore your career options whether it’s following redundancy, preparing for a change in your industry or job role, or seeking completely new career options.
  • Develop your personal brand to distinguish you from all the rest.
  • Help you be your most effective by developing powerful career tools and enabling you to make those big decisions to move forwards.
  • Teach you the secrets to successful executive job hunting including stand out CV’s, covering letters and expert interview practice.

Example Individual Programme

1. Client assessment
A chance to describe your career history to an attentive listener with the experience to decode and extract the most relevant information. This initial session will lead you to a full understanding of your skill-set, decisions on realistic career goals and objectives including how this will translate into key selling points in your CV. Where you come from is important but where you are going matters even more.

2. Develop the marketing brochure - the CV
Together, we will produce a succinct and effective document that plays to your strengths, highlights your Unique Selling Proposition and appeals to your target audience. Most importantly, it has to get you through the door. It is imperative that your CV properly reflects your background, skills and qualifications and is presented in a way that produces the highest impact.

3. Marketing preparation
We will jointly develop a marketing strategy, including all the various routes into the job market (recruiters, job boards, the traditional advertised market etc), as well as the all-important covering letters, direct approaches and how to use social media like LinkedIn. We will assess your network and the many options that this avenue will provide.

4. Promotion
You now have a compelling CV that displays your skills and achievements; you have the tools to help you attract your target audience. Now is the time to ‘sell’ these attributes to all interested parties such as recruiters, at networking meetings and at interviews by looking at possible interview questions, body language and the pace and structure of responses.

5. Ongoing support
In this final section, we will review your pipeline of job opportunities. This includes evaluating job offers to ensure you achieve the package you deserve, that it is the right career move and challenge with the correct work-life balance.

I will continue to provide the support you require into the new role and beyond.