Individual programmes designed to address specific needs of the client

The individual programme options include:

Career Health Check

  • A one-to-one programme to confirm or re-align a career path and establish a timetable to reach a mutually agreed achievable objective


  • A fresh take on “networking” and a guide to using Linkedin to your advantage. Used effectively, networking can be fun and deeply rewarding, opening up the doors to new contacts and rewarding opportunities

Interview Coaching

  • During our sessions, we will work together to navigate the interview process from body language and speech patterns to presentation skills and follow ups

CV Development & Writing

  • Working together, we will create a compelling document that expands your strengths and achievements, leaving an indelible impression upon the reader


  • Helping find new employment after redundancy and assisting with the psychological and practical adjustment essential for a successful career transition


  • The programme includes every aspect of setting up on your own, including an in-depth assessment of which solo career path is best, whether it be contracting, consultancy, freelance or portfolio options

Graduate Programme

  • Providing valuable information and guidance to prepare you for the job market, including CV review, direction, marketing, networking and interview preparation

Executive Mentoring & Coaching

  • Working with you to assess your current and previous performance, clarifying what you want to change and what outcomes and goals you wish to attain. This long term confidential mentoring helps both the individual and contributes to the business’s long-term success

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