Micklewright Careers What our customers say


James, you coached me a couple of years ago - great fun and hugely useful. I immediately got a UK FD role and have recently been promoted to be CFO of Europe!
Patrick - Private Testimonial
James is very knowledgeable in what employers are looking for in the current market place and how best to make your application and approach stand out from the crowd. James is very experienced in the use of social media and networking techniques to enhance and widen your targets and has a keen sense of what is and is not needed on a CV. I would have no hesitation in recommending James Micklewright for any individual who wants to increase their chances of finding a new role or direction.
 Ashley Pinder, Head of Foodservice - Senoble UK Ltd.
I would like to thank you for all your help, support and guidance I received during the Career Management programme. I was able to pick up invaluable skills, in particular networking and negotiation skills (skills which I have shied away from before). The end result being I am now in a web management position for an organisation overseas. The services provided were first class. James extensive experience and good humour were a catalyst for the restoration of my self-confidence and ultimately being successful in the current volatile job market.
Simon Reid, Digital Media Manager and Content Strategist.
James Micklewright was my career transition coach. I approached him at a time in my life when I was discontented with my previous job and was looking at where to take my career next. I found his assistance in clarifying my strengths, interests and then directing me to appropriate job opportunities excellent. He managed to focus my thinking and clarify my life goals while helping to rewrite my CV and enhance my LinkedIn profile. He was then a font of information about how to find job opportunities, apply for them and prepared me for interviews. I recommend him unreservedly.Tim Marjot, Training & Development Management Consultant.
I might profess to be an expert in many things. I have the track record and experience to argue I am expert at a few. I am certainly not expert in the development and execution of my own career transitions. It is remarkable then, that it has taken me this long to invest in someone that is.

I am now the happiest I have ever been in my career, and wealthier in a number of different ways, as a direct result of James understanding, wisdom and guidance. It is no understatement to describe the time and energy he gave me as tangibly improving my world.

I was sceptical but in a position where I had to acknowledge I needed to do something differently. A personal recommendation put me in touch with James and I can’t say enough good things about him. James’s alacrity, diligence and responsiveness are first class. James Micklewright represents the best return on investment I have received in a professional capacity. Thank you so much James.
Philip Montague – Sales & Marketing Leader

James has been my career coach and mentor for the past three years. His advice and guidance have proved invaluable at every step of the journey in progressing my career. James' knowledge, resources and connections are exceptional and he provides a unique and bespoke service to his clients. He always makes himself available for the least of my concerns, and there has never been a meeting where I have not left feeling wonderfully inspired and highly motivated to take the next step. I could not ask for a better mentor and career coach, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be counted among his clients. Jackie Marshall-Cyrus

James kept me focused and motivated throughout the toughest time in my career history…his approachable, friendly, positive manner makes me feel that if ever I needed any advice I could even now pick up the phone and he would give me his time.Debra Frampton, Managing Director UK Sales Progressors Ltd.