A highly focused careers expert, James has an exceptional track record in helping clients achieve the career goals they want and deserve, by providing up-to-date, bespoke career coaching.

Bespoke Career Planning

Bespoke Career Planning
Micklewright Careers has a reputation for supporting and challenging business leaders, directors and high - potential senior executives.

James helps his clients become more effective and productive in developing their careers.

The challenge is to polish and perfect, eliminating what is superfluous without losing impact and personality.

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Quality Career Coaching

Individual Career Programmes
Whether you have been made redundant, are looking for a change in career or are coming back to the market after some time off, Micklewright Careers offers quality career coaching specialising in:



You Are Unique

Career Coach
Every client has unique needs and aspirations, requiring different solutions. James will customise the programme to meet your objectives, giving you the confidence to succeed, understanding the importance of listening to the client’s objectives and interpreting a brief.

James is known for asking the tough questions and jointly creating a winning and appealing product that attracts attention.

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