You plan your holidays so why not your career?

Why Career Coaching?

Career Coaching programmes often reduces the length of time it takes to make the transition to a new role or career.

An impartial view from an experienced professional coach gives the confidence to achieve renewed success.

  • Your career is too important to be left to chance because, without sounding too negative, today practically every job is temporary and company loyalty is scarce.
  • Most people don’t have the objectivity to promote themselves effectively and often underestimate their knowledge and capabilities.
  • Sometimes we need to be challenged in order to find our place on the right career path. Some of us want time and a listening ear to help find what we are truly meant to be doing.
  • We all need a career health check-up and we all need a plan.



What Micklewright Careers offers:

Working one-to-one and in partnership with an experienced coach, who provides tailored career advice and an objective, personal approach. In addition:-

  • Personalised, value-for-money programmes providing you with structure, objectivity and focus.
  • An initial complimentary consultation to assess your needs and how best to reach your goals, decoding your career history and understanding your personality, needs and aspirations.
  • An opportunity, perhaps for the first time, to assess your skill set, career and personal ambitions.
  • Genuine commitment to each and every client, you’re not just a number.
  • Greater job and personal satisfaction, better work-life balance and a chance to take charge of your career ambitions.
  • Total support throughout the process and into your new role and beyond.